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Tincan promotes technology and learning

January 19, 2011

Tincan is a science based non-profit, they focus on history, science and technology education.

Originally founded in 1994 at Eastern Washington University, its goal was to promote telecommunication and computer technology. Five year alter they left the university to as to obtain their non-profit standing.

Now Tincan focuses on “interactive media and information technology,” said Executive Director Karen Michaelson.

Tincan’s values manifests itself in various programs including video productions courses, science workshops, game development and history projects.

In the video production courses, students use industry standard technology to produce their own film. “We teach participants in our workshops the process necessary to make quality videos. The participants learn the importance of storyboarding the video and using good lighting. They also learn different techniques in filming such as the angle of the shot and how to get good sound,”¬† according to Tincan’s website.

Students learn about scinece and technology at Tincan.

The science education combined technology and science to make new discoveries. The program is described as “interactive, hands-on experiences that enhance technology skills while exposing them to the science that is all around them.”

Tincan also offers more traditional technology workshops such as video resumes, Skype and Twitter.

Volunteer Info:

To volunteer “contact us and tell us what they are interested in,” said Michaelson. Students have also interned for Tincan, they prefer students with majors relating to science or information technology but all are welcome.

(509)744- 0972 or



1317 W 2nd Ave  Spokane, WA

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